5 comfortable (and stylish) shoes for travel

On my last trip to Europe, I traveled and average of 10 miles per day on foot and was thankful for my Nike 3.0 Dance Studio shoes. I made the mistake of wearing ballet flats one day on the trip and my feet ended up swollen and covered in blisters. You’ll likely want to bring along an extra pair of shoes for nights out or dressier occasions but during the day, you’ll want to wear stylish and comfortable shoes. My top 5 recommendations are below: Continue reading “5 comfortable (and stylish) shoes for travel”

I’m afraid of flying (but I do it anyway)

The cabin of the plane was completely dark except for the occasional flash of lightning. The plane started to bounce around the clouds, prompting an announcement from the captain that the landing into Bogota would be fairly turbulence due to some thunderstorms. My palms start to sweat and my heart is pounding my chest. I put my head between my knees, which helps lessen the effects of turbulence and the guy next to me stares at me like I’m crazy.

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How I balance traveling and my career

At this point in my life, I want it all: a successful career and a life of adventure and travel. I have a husband, a mortgage, two cats, a retirement plan. I also spend my time obsessively researching new destinations and trying to figure out how to cram as many activities as possible into one week when I would rather spend four weeks in a single place. Continue reading “How I balance traveling and my career”

Review: International Delta Economy Comfort

If a non-stop route exists to the destination that I want to visit, I will book that flight, even if it’s a few hundred dollars more. Nonstops are great for obvious reasons: No connection delays, less chance of lost baggage and more time to enjoy your vacation destination. Thankfully, there are two airplanes that fly the Seattle to London route nowadays: British Airways and Delta. Continue reading “Review: International Delta Economy Comfort”

7 tips for driving on the other side of the road

I recently returned from a trip to Scotland, which involved driving over 1,000 miles on the other side of the road, starting at the Edinburgh airport. I’m not going to lie when I say I was having pre-trip nightmares about driving on the other side. I’m happy to report that driving on the left was easier than expected and I only scared my husband a couple of times.

If you want to rent a car in the UK, Ireland, Australia or a number of other countries, you’ll need to adjust to driving on the left side. In Scotland in particular, renting a car gives you the most flexibility to visit the highlands, islands and other rural areas.

Here are a few helpful tips for driving on the other side of the road: Continue reading “7 tips for driving on the other side of the road”

24 travel hacks for a safe & stress-free trip

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? It can be a lot of work to prepare for a getaway. From finding coverage at work and making plans, to air travel and all that site seeing – it can be exhausting.

Here are some tips that can make travel worry-free so you’ll have more time for fun. Continue reading “24 travel hacks for a safe & stress-free trip”

In my bag: 9 travel-sized beauty essentials

Unless I’m heading out on a business trip, I’m not a high-maintenance traveler in terms of my beauty routine. I don’t need a hairdryer, curling iron or flat iron while I’m on the road. While I use those products at home, they only weigh down my bag and take up space that could be better used for souvenirs.

When it comes to toiletries, I prefer airplane-approved, multi-tasking products. Even if I’m traveling with a huge backpack, I prefer carrying my toiletries with me.
Here are the 9 essential beauty products that I can’t travel without: Continue reading “In my bag: 9 travel-sized beauty essentials”

Review: Colonial Colombia with Intrepid Travel

As I mentioned in previous posts, I went on 9-day tour through Colombia with Intrepid Travel. If you want some travel inspiration, check out some of my favorite photos from Colombia.

The itinerary
This tour is actually the second part of a 15-day Colombia tour called Complete Colombia. The first part of the tour starts in Bogota and ends in Cartagena. My portion of the tour started in Cartagena and ended in Bogota. Some of my fellow travelers joined the full 15-day tour and had great things to say about it. If you can swing the time off, I highly recommend it. Continue reading “Review: Colonial Colombia with Intrepid Travel”