London hotel review: 51 Buckingham Gate

I’ve been fortunate to stay at a number of luxury hotels and resorts over the years but none of them have been quite so special as 51 Buckingham Gate in the Westminster area of London. Just a short walk from Buckingham Palace, 51 Buckingham Gate is a 5-star all-suite hotel owned by Taj Hotels. The hotel features 85 suites, ranging from one to nine bedrooms, all with fully-equipped kitchens, a living room, bathroom and bedroom. Continue reading “London hotel review: 51 Buckingham Gate”

Quiet, peaceful hotels do exist in Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, noisy casinos, clubs, smoking, crowds and loud music all come to mind. In the past few years, an increasing number of non-casino hotels have opened, catering to business travelers or leisure travelers seeking a peaceful retreat. According to the NY Times, tourists are coming to Las Vegas, but the amount they’re spending on gambling is down. Continue reading “Quiet, peaceful hotels do exist in Las Vegas”